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Yes, the equipment was designed specifically to work within roll off open top dumpsters. The drum fits perfectly inside the dumpster and only rolls from front to back to purely focus on compacting down the waste. There is also a safety guard designed into the drum specifically to protect the dumpster. Finally we have a video system on the equipment so that every service is recorded from start to finish.
Yes, our business is fully insured and we provide Certificates of Insurance upon request.
This service works best with materials that leave a lot of unused space in the dumpster such as pallets, furniture, cardboard, windows, general construction material, etc. The service will not work well on very heavy and dense materials such as concrete, bricks, and tree trunks.
Our service price is based on several factors including the number of dumpsters on site, the location of your business, the frequency of service requests, etc. Our goal is to provide the lowest price possible to maximize your overall savings.
A typical service takes between 5-10 minutes

No, we do not require a contract. We’re confident that our service will save you money and therefore you’ll have every incentive to keep using us.

No, our service is on demand. You contact us when you need a service and we strive to arrive on site the same day but certainly within 24 hours.
We service business within the Greater Boston area. We may be able to accommodate beyond this area, so please contact us to discuss your specific business needs.